History of Greek Food





On Friday, November 19, I will recreate a flavor of what rich and fashionable Hellenistic Greek society might have eaten. 

The menu includes, among others:
 ~ Myma, a luxurious spicy dish made with chopped meat of chicken or sacrificial animal, liver, offals, blood and flavoured by melted cheese and 12 kinds of herbs and spices.
~Roasted suckling pig stuffed with hen breasts, thrushes and eggs.
~Bulgur cooked in a well sealed clay pot.
~ A dish of wild greens and cultivated vegetables.
~Voletinos bread, milled with ancient variety of wheat and baked in a sort of “clivanos” (ancient Greek portable domed clay oven); flatbread and a soft bread said to be typical of Cappadocia.
~Plakous, a cake made with fine flour, home made goat cheese and honey.
~ Gastris: a Cretan specialty made of various toasted nuts and seeds mixed with honey.
Please make the reservations until 17th of November.  evmarosart@gmail.com   tel: 210 6207824.
Evmaros Cultural Associaton~ 26, Fokidos st., 11526 Athens


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  1. admin Post author

    Μaria, Joumana, WISH YOU COULD BE HERE! I’ll post photos and details as soon as possible! 🙂

  2. My Little Expat Kitchen

    I’m jealous Mariana! I wish I could be in Greece for this. I love the menu, it’s so exciting. I would like to taste everything, especially the soft bread from Cappadocia, since my great grand mother was born and raised there. (Perhaps you could share the recipe later?) 🙂
    Have great time presenting and cooking!

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