History of Greek Food


"Peeling Quinces" by Nikolaos Lytras. ca 1925. (commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/)

"Peeling Quinces" by Nikolaos Lytras. ca 1925. (commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/)


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4 thoughts on “END OF QUINCE SEASON….

  1. admin Post author

    The quince season starts in early autumn and ends in late November. However you can still find quinces stored in refrigerator or imported from Turkey.

  2. Ivy

    Is it really the end of quince season, so soon? I haven’t made anything with quince this year. I love Lytras’ paintings.

  3. tasteofbeirut

    What a beautiful painting! This could have been my grandmother as she would spend hours peeling quince to make jam. What else has this artist done? I love his style.

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